Bye bye hair

Having a great week so far, I’m being kept busy in the lab – which suits me perfectly as I don’t like sitting around for long.

Yesterday i stained up cells with various antibodies to be used for flow cytometric analysis. the staining itself is fairly easy, but requires concentration as if you put the wrong antibody into a tube you’ve pretty much blown the whole experiment.

Then in the afternoon I had more fat extraction to do, this time I went to collect the fat sample from the operating theatre. it kind of blew my mind a bit, to be there, collecting a fat sample that just minutes ago had been inside a patient. i’ve been so caught up in my research project, that i’ve almost forgotten about medical school. being in the clinical part of the hospital gave me that familiar “buzz” and i’m starting to get excited about starting year2 in September.I’m hoping we get more patient contact next year, it’s my favourite part of the course.

Only half a day in the lab today, hubby has a physiotherapy appointment so I shall be on childcare duties. looking forward to it. my little boy and I are off to a teddy bear’s picnic – I miss the long days he and I spent together. can’t believe he will be starting nursery in September.

Then this evening, it’s time to get his lovely, long hair all shaved off šŸ˜¦

It is turning into a sweaty mess in this heat and as he hates it being washed – it is best for it to go…

I shall have to wait for winter before his long, messy locks are back.

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