Felt a bit dazed and confused when I got home yesterday, perhaps it’s the heat?

Our supervisor came over for a chat and to check in with how our studentship is going. He is a really nice guy, works super hard. He was full of ideas and suggestions for what else we could do, conferences we could go to, essay prizes to enter. How we could come in and generate our own data next year and use it for a self designed SSC (student selected component –  we have to do 2 each year on top of the standard curriculum for medicine.)

Don’t get me wrong, this is all really exciting stuff and now that I’ve had a chance to sleep on it and wake up refreshed I feel much better, but yesterday evening I felt as if everything was getting carried away and moving so fast without my brain having chance to keep up!

I am not someone who gets things straight away, I have to work hard and understand something fully before I am confident with it. I also like to have things planned meticulously (much to the annoyance of my family!), so the idea of designing my own SSC rather than just doing one of the ones that Uni offers us is a little anxiety provoking to me.

But, as I said, i do feel better about it today and it is good to challenge myself with things like this. Missing my kids this week, but nearly the weekend and time for some fun in the sun!

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