It’s all about the fat…

July 3rd:

Brilliant day. Got to watch slides being made this morning and even made one myself. The terminology of everything is still going way over my head, but in simple terms, we sliced a cell pellet that had been previously frozen into 10micrometre thick slices and then fixed them onto a slide for staining.

This afternoon was all about the fat! A 7g lump of abdominal fat is brought straight from surgery to the lab for us to “play” with! I watched the PHD student perform various techniques on the fat in order to extract stromal vascular cells and adipose derived stem cells ( I am getting better at the jargon now!)It was extraordinary to see how after just a couple of hours a lump of fat can be transformed to a cell suspension.  It looks just like a stew or soup with fat globules on the top – I shall enjoy telling this to my kids over dinner tonight!

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