flying solo in the heat!

My turn to get stuck in… Suddenly everything seems very complicated now that I have to do it all myself under the careful watch of my supervisor. First up, time to change the media on the cell cultures. I don’t do too badly, I struggle to remember to spray everything with ethanol every time I put it in the hood and wearing a lab coat in summer is not very comfortable but I am told I did well.

Managed to get some sun on my lunch break, although evidently it was too much as I now have a bright red patch on my left leg! My daughter will enjoy telling me off for not wearing suncream today.

More for me to do this afternoon, splitting cells and counting capsules using a microscope, trying to avoid double vision and counting my eyelashes as cells! As my fellow med students will know – histology is not my favourite subject. Hopefully when year 2 starts in September I will be a microscope pro!


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